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I began using Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in 1993 and have proudly shared these gifts from the plant kingdom every since.  Obviously, I trust the quality and integrity of the Young Living company.  Only 2% of the essential oils in the United States are Therapeutic Grade and Young Living only sells therapeutic grade essential oils.
So why is that important to me?  It means that I am not using a product that has been diluted, adulterated, synthetically produced, poorly grown or distilled.  All Young Living oils are tested to AFNOR standards with the use of gas chromatograph to establish their acceptable chemical profiles.  In other words, I know that the necessary chemical compounds of a plant have not been destroyed but are available to me for the physical and emotional healing properties that I expect and need from the plant.

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My Favorite Products
The Entire Thieves Product Line
Essential oil, Spray, Household Cleanser, Hand purifier, Foam hand soap, Cleansing soap bar, Wipes, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Mouthwash, Throat lozenges – soft and hard

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