Wisdom Circles


I have been asked by many people to offer a place, a community, a circle where one can feel a sense of connection to self, others and spirit. A place where one can “be” in self discovery, self learning, and self growing.  A place that provides a container of safety and compassion.  A Wisdom Circle can serve many purposes.  It can be a place to practice heart-to-heart communication skills; both speaking and listening.  It can be connected by a common vision/purpose yet allow for individual intentions and needs.  It is a practice circle to co-create the world we so deeply want and need right now.

Because of the intimate space,  I am only able to offer this Wisdom Circle to 10 people.  The circle will gather for 4 consecutive weeks to build our individual and community needs.  If there is a desire for additional circle time, that will be considered.  The cost is $100 for four 2-1/2 hr. session to be paid at the first gathering.  If you wish to reserve your space, I suggest you do it today by clicking here.

Contact Linda to set up your grouping

Cost: $100 for four 2-1/2 hr. session to be paid at the first gathering

Time: 6:30 – 9:00 PM

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