The Power of 50

WALK 50 MILES A MONTH.  Just half an hour of walking each day at a brisk pace of 3.5 mph could give you the following results within a matter of months:

1. Get fit:  A) Aerobic capacity increased 19%   B) Physical function increased 25%   C) Risk of disability decreased 41%

2. Save on annual medical bills:  A) Normal-weight retiree $3,300  B) Overweight retiree $2,500  C) Entire country $1.4 trillion

3. Improve cardiovascular health:  A) Heart disease risk lowered 32%  B)  Stroke risk lowered 33%  C) Type 2 diabetes risk lowered 71%

4. Fight cancer: A) Breast risk lowered 18%  B) Colon risk lowered 31%  C) All forms have 33% higher survival rate

5. Lose weight/calories:  A) Each walk 150 calories  B) Monthly 1.3 pounds   C) Annually 15.6 pounds

6. Accelerate recovery:  A) Reduce symptoms of Depression by 47%  B) Shorten healing of Skin wounds by 10 days

7. Battle degenerative disease:  A) Alzhelimer’s risk lowered by 40%  B) Arthritis risk lowered 46%  C) Osteoporosis = 0% loss of bone density

So let’s get on those walking shoes and enjoy the outdoors.

By Betsy Towner for AARP Bulletin – Jan.-Feb 2009

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