The Face of Poverty in U.S. and World

$17 a day
How poor is poor?  Each year, the U.S. government sets the poverty threshold, the income level below which a household is considered poor.  In the latest figures, a two-person house hold over age 65 is considered poor at $12,550 a year or less.  That’s an income of $1, 046 a month for the household, $261 per week.  Or just  $17 per person, per day.
For more information on national poverty thresholds, visit the U.S. Census Bureau at

$1.25 a day is the World Bank’s new international extreme poverty threshold, replacing a dollar a day.

45% of the world’s 2.2 billion children live in poverty.

Count your blessings!!

Taken from the Heifer Organization World Ark, summer 2009 magazine

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