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Creating Right Livelihood with Therapeutic Essential Oils

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Linda was a senior teacher at Body Mind College in San Diego from 1994 until it's closing in 2011. During that time she taught Tai Chi, Massage, Anatomy, Physiology, Body Work Skills, Advance Clearing Classes, Aromatherapy, Sound and Music in Healing, Chakras, Bach Flowers, Shaman's Circle and Auriculotherapy (ear reflexology). She began studying and teaching the Peruvian shamanic traditions in 1995 with such honored teachers as Alberto Villoldo, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Ruben Orellana, Theo Paredes and Michael Harner. She is grateful and excited to be able to share this wisdom with others.

The Shaman's Path

The Shaman sees everything as alive and interconnected....this realization connects the practitioner to ancient wisdom.   The healer/shaman travels between the material and spirit-based worlds, accessing the knowledge of the ages, weaving a sacred web, and bringing harmony and healing to the universe and themselves.  The ability to access and interact with this invisible world is primary for all shamanic practitioners/healers.

With the aid of nature and our helpers from the animal, plant and rock kingdom, we will practice connecting with these realms of the ordinary and non-ordinary consciousness to receive information/knowledge as we bring balance, harmony and healing to our universe. We will use journeying, tracking, rattling, feathering, and other indigenous-based modalities to remember our connection to all things. Come and feed your energy body, for your personal healing and for the healing of our world.

Linda Henning has been teaching the Shaman's Path in San Diego County since 1997. Her knowledge and experience are derived from her studies with master healers in the Andean shamanic traditions including Alberto Villoldo, Rubin Orellana, Theo Paredes, and Oscar Miro-Quesada; her many journeys to Peru and her years of teaching and sharing this tradition with other seekers. She is honored to share these earth-honoring traditions with you.

This 12 month course has the potential to bring you, the student, into closer alignment with the energies of your environment and teach you tools for healing yourself, others and our planet. Working with the Peruvian healing altar called a Mesa, Linda will teach you to bring forth your inner knowing and your inherent gifts as you deepen your relationships to Mother Nature and to all Beings. Through this practice you can expand into Who You Came to Be and begin to create the life you most desire as you follow in the footsteps of one who continues to grow herself.
This class opens up once a year in July. To contact Linda for more information or to register click here
To purchase required text, Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa by Matt McGee Click here

The Healer's Circle

This monthly gathering is for those who want to continue their healing work, after they have sat in the Shaman's Path circle for at least two years. The focus is first directed to healing oneself and then the healing work is directed outwardly to offer others the benefits of increasing wholeness and expansion. This course builds on Linda’s knowledge of the tools of a shaman that work with vibrational, energy, sound, and movement, as well as employing intuitive help from the unseen worlds and from your own body. You will find joy and satisfaction in learning a myriad of techniques to support the body’s return to balance mentored by a woman who is a clear conduit for healing.


If you are looking for personal, one-on-one training in the way of the shaman --if you want to go deeper, broader and higher in your spiritual and healing practice -- this may be a path for you. To maximize your engagement with Life and the wisdom of Nature, you may expand your level of re-membering Who You Have Always Been and Who You Came To Be. When you are ready to commit to Becoming More through service that flows inevitably out of your own gratitude and wholeness, you will find in Linda a guide who has transformed herself through the same life choices and broad-based knowledge that she offers you.  Contact Linda 858-481-6868

Raindrop Technique

During this 2-1/2 hr class, you will learn and practice how to give the Raindrop Technique.Using the Young Living Essential Oils from the Raindrop Kit, you will be both a giver and a receiver. This class is FREE if you provide your own Raindrop Technique Kit (#3137) and are a member of Linda's Young Living team or wanting to become a member of her team . There is a $12 fee if Linda supplies the Raindrop oils for you.
To purchase your own kit go to Young Living, sign up and purchase item #3137 ($115 distributor-wholesale, $133.16 preferred, $151.32 customer-retail)
To register: email linda@lindahenning.com or call 858-481-6868

Holistic Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the art and science of healing with essential oils.  This class will teach aromatherapy from a holistic approach examining how these plant oils can serve you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  If you want to be available to helping yourself, your family and you community, please consider Aromatherpy becoming one of your tools.

During our time together you will:
- Take home an oil each week and experience its potential
- Learn when and how to use specific oils
- Understand the energetic/vibrational healing properties of oils
- Acquire a working knowledge of the medical properties of essential oils
- Study specific oils in relationship to our physical and emotional healing.
- Learn the Raindrop Technique

Essential oils are the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defense properties of the plants.  They contain the oxygen molecules which transport the nutrients to the cells of the plant body.  We can benefit from many of their beneficial properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-septic (a small example of their gifts).

Consider  the effects of environmental pollution, stress and compromised immune systems on our wellbeing.  Could something as natural and readily available as oils from plants be an answer to aid humans?  The best way to answer that question is to learn about them for yourself and share them with those you care about. 

Linda has been teaching about the properties of therapeutic grade essential oils since 1991. They are a principal piece of her own healing and are often included in the protocol of my clients and students. Now she is opening this 4-part series to the general public, knowing that it is time for everyone to have a working knowledge of the enormous benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils. This class will teach aromatherapy from a holistic approach looking to see how these plant oils serve us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Come and enjoy the healing fragrance of nature.

To purchase your Young Living Essential Oils, CLICK HERE,

Sound and Music in Healing

The vibratory nature of sound and music creates a language which the body and mind understands.  We are all beings of vibration living in a universal sea of vibration.  Learn how to use the therapeutic and transformative powers of sound, voice and music for healing and spiritual growth. Music (drumming, chanting, singing) has been used as a healing and/or spiritual tool from ancient times to the present.

Explore the transformative and therapeutic powers of sound and music through experiential activities, toning, guided journeying, lecture, and discussion,  Learn practical applications for your personal and professional lives and develop a unique sounding tool with tone, chant, song and instruments.  The world of sound invites you to immerse yourself through inwardly and outwardly directed vibration.  Its yours for the listening. 

Linda has studied the effects of sound and music on the human body with Don Campbell, Fabien Maman, Tom Kenyon, Harold Moses, Layne Redmond, and Pat Moffit Cook and has completed the Tomatis Method of Listening.  Her study of music began at the age of four with the piano, she has sung professionally and considers her voice her principal instrument for music. She has spent countless hours using sound to balance and heal her own body and has coached her students and clients to do the same.

Bach Flower Essences - Healing the Emotional Body

Bach Flower Essences are vibrational energies from nature that can be used for healing, self-improvement and spiritual growth. Flower essences are subtle energy patterns imprinted into water and have no fragrance. Flower essence therapy resonates and influences the very energies that form the atoms that make up our body. These remedies contain no drugs or herbs; yet work on the deepest part of our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Dr. Edward Bach discovered 38 negative emotional states and formulated flower essences effective for depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue, learning disabilities, and much more! His complete system of these English healing plants will be covered in-depth, and with the insightful questionnaire included in your studies, you will be ready to begin making effective combination bottles immediately.

Linda has been teaching and sharing the vibrational power of the 38 Bach Flower Essences since 1999 and personally uses them as an important tool in her healing toolkit. Come and learn how to use this tool for your own emotional healing so that you can share it with your clients, family and friends.  You will each receive your own personalized combination bottle of essences to use during the duration of the class.

Required book:  Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminshi & Richard Katz can be purchased here:  http://www.flowersociety.org/publications.htm

$10 fee for your own personal Bach combination bottle (questionnaire to determine your needs will be part of the class or contact Linda for your own combination bottle today)

Creating Right Livelihood with Therapeutic Essential Oils

This study format is primarily for practitioners and people who are interested in health and well-being. During this time together, we will focus on the many ways of using therapeutic grade essential oils and products to assist your friends/clients both physically, mentally and emotionally. You will experience the powerful effects of both essential oils and products and become knowledgeable in sharing them with others. You will be supported in creating a profitable business model which includes creating ongoing residual income. The group will determine the pace and focus for our time together.
REGISTER NOW 858-481-6868

Tai Chi Chuan - Yang Style Short Form

Tai Chi Chuan is a system of physical movements based on the principles of conscious breathing, rhythmic movement and weight balance. One of the basic rules of Tai Chi is to be Sung (relaxed) in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies, which teaches you how to become calm in action and meditative in movement. Tai Chi has taught Linda to let go (particularly in the mind), to be fluid (which has translated into every part of her life) and to maintain her wellbeing (the Chinese practice Tai Chi for longevity and vitality). She has been practicing Tai Chi since 1991 and teaching it since 1994.

The Energy Body and the Chakras

The energy body is that electromagnetic field that surrounds and is an integral part of every living entity. Effectively addressing the root causes of dis-ease that reside in the many layers of the energy body can radically enhance one's ability to heal our physical, mental and emotional issues.The chakras are recognized by many traditions as organizing centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies. Linda’s integrated approach using the variety of tools at her disposal will give you a broad understanding of and ability to work with your energy body and chakras.

M.A.P. - Medical Assistance Program

Machaelle Small Wright (founder of the Perelandra Center for Nature Research) has offered us a system called "co-creative science" wherein we consciouly co-create a partnership with nature for accessing knowledge and aid to heal yourself at any given time. Relating to a team of specialists with whom you feel safe, whom know you intimately, and whose desire is to heal you is most comforting and supportive. With Linda’s guidance, you will learn how to create your team and how to interact with them most effectively.

Ear Reflexology (Auriculotherapy)

Did you know that the external ear holds a map to the external and internal body?  Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic method of treating tension, pain and addiction through acupressure of the outer ear (auricle).  This introduction to
ear reflexology will give you an overview of the European and Chinese
protocol and give you many simple tools that can significantly affect
the organs, glands, muscles and bones of human body. This is one of Linda's favorite tools for healing herself and others.     

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a widely regarded way of accessing the body’s inner wisdom. Using muscle strength or weakness to indicate answers to specific questions about body issues, you can learn to identify core difficulties and discover the most effective means of resolution. Muscle testing can also be used to obtain the body’s wisdom on emotional and life issues. Linda’s adept use of this technique will provide you a strong context in which to develop your skill.