The Shaman’s Path

The Shaman sees everything as alive and interconnected….this realization connects the practitioner to ancient wisdom.   The healer/shaman travels between the material and spirit-based worlds, accessing the knowledge of the ages, weaving a sacred web, and bringing harmony and healing to the universe and themselves.  The ability to access and interact with this invisible world is primary for all shamanic practitioners/healers.

With the aid of nature and our helpers from the animal, plant and rock kingdom, we will practice connecting with these realms of the ordinary and non-ordinary consciousness to receive information/knowledge as we bring balance, harmony and healing to our universe. We will use journeying, tracking, rattling, feathering, and other indigenous-based modalities to remember our connection to all things. Come and feed your energy body, for your personal healing and for the healing of our world.

Linda Henning has been teaching the Shaman’s Path in San Diego County since 1997. Her knowledge and experience are derived from her studies with master healers in the Andean shamanic traditions including Alberto Villoldo, Rubin Orellana, Theo Paredes, and Oscar Miro-Quesada; her many journeys to Peru and her years of teaching and sharing this tradition with other seekers. She is honored to share these earth-honoring traditions with you.

This 12 month course has the potential to bring you, the student, into closer alignment with the energies of your environment and teach you tools for healing yourself, others and our planet. Working with the Peruvian healing altar called a Mesa, Linda will teach you to bring forth your inner knowing and your inherent gifts as you deepen your relationships to Mother Nature and to all Beings. Through this practice you can expand into Who You Came to Be and begin to create the life you most desire as you follow in the footsteps of one who continues to grow herself.
This class opens up once a year in July. To contact Linda for more information or to register click here
To purchase required text, Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa by Matt McGee Click here

The Healer’s Circle

This monthly gathering is for those who want to continue their healing work, after they have sat in the Shaman’s Path circle for at least two years. The focus is first directed to healing oneself and then the healing work is directed outwardly to offer others the benefits of increasing wholeness and expansion. This course builds on Linda’s knowledge of the tools of a shaman that work with vibrational, energy, sound, and movement, as well as employing intuitive help from the unseen worlds and from your own body. You will find joy and satisfaction in learning a myriad of techniques to support the body’s return to balance mentored by a woman who is a clear conduit for healing.


If you are looking for personal, one-on-one training in the way of the shaman –if you want to go deeper, broader and higher in your spiritual and healing practice — this may be a path for you. To maximize your engagement with Life and the wisdom of Nature, you may expand your level of re-membering Who You Have Always Been and Who You Came To Be. When you are ready to commit to Becoming More through service that flows inevitably out of your own gratitude and wholeness, you will find in Linda a guide who has transformed herself through the same life choices and broad-based knowledge that she offers you.  Contact Linda 858-481-6868