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SPLetter1I have been studying and teaching Peruvian Shamanism since 1995 when I made my first pilgrimage to Peru.  At that time, I chose to travel with a group were I knew no one, going to a country that did not speak English, and lead by a teacher, Alberto Villoldo who I had only read about.  But the trip was sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  A group founded in 1973 by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell to encourage and conduct research on how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world and therefore, human potential.  How, this group sounded like it would be filled with interesting people sharing interesting ideas.  I was not disappointed.

Alberto Villoldo became my first Peruvian Shamanism teacher (Four Winds Society). My roommate became my lifelong teacher, guide and friend (Pam Milliken – Wellspring Spiritual Center).  Talk about right timing and trusting your inner guidance.


One of the core principles that I learned from the Inca Culture and the Andean people is AYNI……”today for you, tomorrow for me”.  It is the ethical principal that guides us to live in sacred relationship with each other and the Earth.  This Sacred Reciprocity/Divine Exchange can be found in the teachings of all the ancestors who have walked this earth.  It is the essence of shamanism which is rooted in the understanding that we are all connected to each other, to the earth, to the stars, to the animals, to the plants, to the rocks, to the seen and unseen worlds.  We can practice rituals that honor the cycles of the earth to remind us of right relationship to the elements that nurture us.  (You are welcome to attend a Seasonal Fire Ceremony in San Diego)

It is my belief that this fundamental principal is what keeps balance in our world – personal, familial, local, national, worldwide and galactic.  BALANCE – the practice of exchanging with others for mutual wellbeing.  This is about keeping balance in every aspect of my life.  If I am out of balance, my world (inner and outer) is out of balance.  It is my responsibility and gift as an citizen of the earth & one who has consciously chosen to walk the beauty way (the way of love and compassion).  In other words, when I consciously chose my thoughts and actions in alignment with my purpose, I am in balance/Ayni.

If you are interested in joining a year long circle (The Shaman’s Path) to learn and experience Peruvian Shamanism please read more about it here or communicate with Linda here

Here is a sharing from one of my beautiful teacher’s (don Oscar Miro-Quesada) Heart of the Healer Foundation about Ayni in our day to day world – Enjoy!!!

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