Neti Pots & Their Healing Benefits


Do I use a Neti Pot?   YES I DO!!!!!   For years, I know exactly when I NEED to get my neti pot into action….pressure in my head and/or blocked sinus passages.  You know when something is not working correctly.   In other words, I don’t use it daily because I am not bothered with ongoing sinus problems.  But when pollen season or cold & flu season come around my Neti Pot is being used regularly.  Do I enjoy the process?  Not really.  Do I need to do it?  ABSOLUTELY.

The practice of nasal irrigation originated in the Ayurvedic medical tradition.  Using this ancient technique, nasal irrigation allows you to gently bathe the nasal cavity, facilitating a gentle wash of the structures within.  Upper respiratory conditions, including chronic and acute sinusitis, the common cold and allergic rhinitis are common and expensive disorders that can have a significant impact on you.  Nasal irrigation, using a slightly concentrated saline (warm water and salt), is used accomplished with the use of a neti pot.  I personally  like to use Neti Wash Plus and salt to make my warm water saline rinse.

Here is a video showing the use of the Neti Pot – look and learn

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