M.A.P. – Medical Assistance Program

Introduction to the Medical Assistance Program(MAP)MAP

Cleansing and Healing the Energy Body

As we evolve as spiritual beings, it becomes necessary to expand and work in our Energy Body, the “luminous egg” surrounding our dense physical form. In this class, through a series of exercises and teachings, you will learn to “reconstruct” and heal the Energy Body as you become pro-active in your own healing process.  Working with your sacred MAP team, you will learn how to clear the imprints and wounds that retard your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.  You will learn how to apply MAP to enhance your daily life by expanding your understanding of the  Energy Body and engaging the invisible world of our spiritual guides to open your “inner mind.”

Machaelle Small Wright (founder of the Perelandra Center for Nature Research) has offered us a system called “co-creative science” wherein we consciously co-create a partnership with nature for accessing knowledge and aid to heal yourself at any given time. Relating to a team of specialists with whom you feel safe, whom know you intimately, and whose desire is to heal you is most comforting and supportive. With Linda’s guidance, you will learn how to connect and interact effectively with your MAP team.

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