Flower Essences – Ways & Whys to Include Them In Your Life


Flower essences are water based vibrational remedies which are used to address issues of emotional wellbeing, soul development and mind-body health.  While the use of flowers for healing has long been a part of humanity’s history, the precise application of flower essences for specific emotions and attitudes was first developed by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, in the 1930’s.  Dr. Bach acknowledged 28 Bachindividual flowers to deal with 7 specific emotional catagories:  1. Fear   2. Indecision  3. Inattentive  4. Lonely  5. Over Sensitive to Others    6. Discouragement   7. Over Concern For Others


Flower essences are generally prepared from a sun infusion of either wildflowers or garden blossoms in a bowl of water, which is further diluted and potentized, and preserved with brandy.  Quality preparation requires careful attention to the purity of the environment, the vibrancy and potency of the blossoms, celestial and weather conditions, and a sensitive study of the physical and energetic properties of the plant through its cycles of growth.


Typically they can be taken orally by placing several drops into a glass of liquid or placed directly under the tongue.  One can also drop the essence onto your skin to be adsorbed subcutaneously.   You can place the drops in both food and water for animals and children.


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1. Rub a cotton ball dampened with several drops of one or two flower essences on the palms of your hands, soles of your feet or outer ears.  The essences will be absorbed through all the acu-points in each location; and these points are directly linked to almost every part of your body.  If you are working with a particular area of your body, select the appropriate essence and focus your attention on the acu-points that are linked to that area.

2. Put a few drops of flower essence in the warm (not too hot!) water of your bath.  With your body submerged in the water, your pores opened up, and the movement of the water around you, the essence will be able to enter every meridian of your body at the same time.  (It’s best not to use any other additive other than a pure organic essential oil to the bath with the flower essences.)

3. For abundance…Choose a flower or crystal essence that has alchemical properties to assist with abundance and/or shift limiting beliefs you have around financial abundance.  Put one drop inside your wallet every morning.  The vibration of the flower or crystal will transfer to the money you have in your wallet and every time you touch the money, you will receive the vibration through your fingers.  This is a really good way to spend your money – you get a vibrational lift of abundance every time!

4. Meditate for at least 10 minutes with a bottle of essence in your hand. (No need to open the bottle!)  Breathe deeply and ask to be connected with the essence.  Breathe deeply and ask the essence to move through your body.

5. Program a quartz crystal with the vibration of an essence and carry that crystal with you throughout the day.  You can use other types of crystals, however, the vibration of the essence will change as it integrates with the vibration of the mineral content of the stone.  To program a crystal, first cleanse and clear the stone.  (A salt bath works well.)  Next, hold the crystal in your hands (prayer position) and breathe deeply.  Connect with the crystal and ask if it would like to be programmed with the essence.  (It’s important to say the exact name of the essence.) Continue to breathe deeply and wait until you feel that you have an answer.  After you’ve completed the visualization, put the stone in a clear glass of spring water with 3-4 drops of the essence you’ve selected.  Leave the crystal in the water for 24 hours to absorb the essence.  (Outside under the full moon for a more powerful vibration!)  After 24 hours, dry the stone and keep it with you as you move through your day.  Recharge the stone once a week.

6. Soak your feet in warm (not too hot!) water with a few drops of an essence. Particularly if you are challenged with these two ideas… difficulty standing in your power, and difficulty staying grounded and fully in your body.

7. Shifting the energy of a room and everyone who moves through it…  The room will need to have a window that gets direct sunlight at some point during the day.  Clean the window inside and out.  After cleaning the window, wipe it again with plain water and then dry it with a clean towel.  After you have a clean window, rub the entire window with a cotton ball dampened with an essence that assists with clearing negative energy.  Whenever the sunlight hits the window, the essence will be activated and amplified into the room.

8. For a good night’s sleep and/or dreamwork…  a few drops of an essence on your pillow and in a clear glass of spring water near your bed will work wonders!

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