Fire on ice – a beautiful, easy way to use your fireplace

20131108-150948.jpg    What is fire on ice you ask?

I haven’t used my wood burning fireplace for over 5 years for the following reasons:
1.  the smoke tends to come out into the living room rather than up the chimney because these prefab fire boxes
are too shallow to build a serious wood fire
2. burning wood is messy (from carrying the wood in to cleaning out the ashes)
3. then there is the gathering and storing of the wood

Yet, I love to watch the flames of a mellow fire as it sets the mood in my home.
ANSWER: Fire On Ice

Step 1: Have a professional chimney sweep clean out all the years of wood burning residue from your chimney
Step 2: Add a layer of silica sand to the floor of your fire box
Step 3: Install the burner (I used a U shaped one).  There are many styles to choose from
Step 4: Layer glass to cover the burner (I used black reflective but there are numerous color choices)
Step 5:  Make sure chimney flue is open (many cities have laws requiring it be kept open permanently)
Step 6: Enjoy a beautiful flame in your fireplace without all the work and mess


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