Featuring YL Lavender Farm

We were thrilled to be invited to appear on Studio 5, a KSL television program that focuses on improving the lives of others. We were treated so kindly by everyone on their crew–thank you for making us feel so welcome! We had a great time visiting their set and sharing with viewers the wonderful benefits of lavender. The show’s hosts, Brooke and Darin, are fun and energetic, and share lots of great tips on each of their shows, which air Monday-Friday at 11:0o a.m. on channel 5.

As Brooke Walker, the show’s host, mentioned, there are more and more “lavender” products appearing on store shelves. But an important point that consumers need to be aware of is that although the label says “lavender”, most of those products contain very little lavender and are oftentimes full of harmful chemicals. There is a big difference between perfume-grade lavender and Young Living’s therapeutic-grade lavender. Perfume-grade lavender can be diluted, adulterated, and synthetically made in a chemical laboratory. Young Living’s therapeutic-grade lavender is all natural–it is the purest and most potent form of lavender essential oil available. To learn about the care and testing involved in our distillation and production process, please visit our website and click on the tab titled “Seed to Seal”.

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