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It is a joy for me to share my life and passion with you through this website.  My education and travel have taken me on many paths which have led me to who I am today.  As a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and a Reverend of the Universal Life Church, I serve my community in the capacity of teacher, healer, counselor, mentor and ceremonialist.

My wish is that I may guide you in remembering your life’s purpose….the reason that you are here now on Planet Earth.  And in that remembering of who you are, may you join with other like-minded people to serve and grow in abundance and love.  Ultimately, I long for the remembering that we don’t have to walk this path alone.  That through community, we are stronger and our lives can be unencumbered and free. 

Please peruse my web pages to notice where you are drawn….the classes and seminars that call you back to yourself, the life-celebrating ceremonies that anchor the cycles of your life, the healings that will allow you to be present to each day of who you are becoming.  Come play, expand, surrender, grow, and celebrate with me – for together, we are the circle of life.

Many blessings,

Linda Henning, HHP, NCTBMB


Shanghai Aromatherapy Class - Oct. 25th

How to Grow Your Business - Nov. 12-13